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Jackpot Casino For Pocket PC Is A Bad Bet

A Stagnant Selection Of Games

With such a widely available platform and low production costs the Pocket PC gaming environment opens doors to developers who are just getting started in the video game industry. Mobile Stream came to the gaming tables just a little over a year ago. One of the company's latest products, Jackpot Casino for the Pocket PC, is their first attempt at a casino simulation game. Unfortunately it falls short on several levels.

Jackpot Casino offers a stagnant selection of four casino games - roulette, blackjack, "puzzleslots", and "superslots". It's obvious, though, that the main focus of the game is roulette. A roulette table is the only thing featured in the background on the menu screen, and the roulette game play mechanics are the most refined. After you place a bet, you are treated to a smooth, 3D animation of the spinning roulette wheel. It runs nicely and it is a good roulette simulation. The mechanics are fine, with all available roulette bets in place and correct payouts for each of them. It's not bad from a technical standpoint.