Hohrizontal 51 Shelf Doubles as iPod/iPhone Dock

Most iPod docks are pretty one-dimensional. Once you turn it on and insert an iPod, you're all set. But finite elemente wants to provide a really useful alternative: an iPod dock that also doubles as a shelf.

Like all freestanding shelves, the Hohrizontal 51 attaches to a wall. With 12 mounts laid out in the plans, it's clear this shelf can support significant loads (up to 25kg), with the iPod or iPhone sitting pretty in the middle. The speakers are directly integrated into the shelf, taking up a side each. Hohrizontal 51 also features a wood-like finish, facilitating the mix-and-match aspect of the interior design process.

Other pertinent specs: the Hohrizontal 51 features a frequency range of 50 to 25,000 Hz, and uses two 25 watt speakers. It's a meter wide, 3 centimeters deep, with a 51 mm thickness. Aside from iPods or iPhones that fit into the 30-pin center port, the shelf also accepts audio input via USB or line-in, and is also capable of component audio/video ouput. Ironically, using non-Apple products creates more space on the shelf.

Whoever thought of integrating an entire iPod dock into a shelf is a genius, as the space-saving potential is immense. Here's a suggestion though: why not move the iPod mount to one side, so that users can maximize the shelf space? The online brochure boasts finite elemente's patent ownership of the concept, so let's see if the German company is actually interested in profiting from its IP stake.

Hohrizontal 51