Hohrizontal 51 Shelf Doubles as iPod/iPhone Dock

Most iPod docks are pretty one-dimensional. Once you turn it on and insert an iPod, you're all set. But finite elemente wants to provide a really useful alternative: an iPod dock that also doubles as a shelf.

Like all freestanding shelves, the Hohrizontal 51 attaches to a wall. With 12 mounts laid out in the plans, it's clear this shelf can support significant loads (up to 25kg), with the iPod or iPhone sitting pretty in the middle. The speakers are directly integrated into the shelf, taking up a side each. Hohrizontal 51 also features a wood-like finish, facilitating the mix-and-match aspect of the interior design process.

Other pertinent specs: the Hohrizontal 51 features a frequency range of 50 to 25,000 Hz, and uses two 25 watt speakers. It's a meter wide, 3 centimeters deep, with a 51 mm thickness. Aside from iPods or iPhones that fit into the 30-pin center port, the shelf also accepts audio input via USB or line-in, and is also capable of component audio/video ouput. Ironically, using non-Apple products creates more space on the shelf.

Whoever thought of integrating an entire iPod dock into a shelf is a genius, as the space-saving potential is immense. Here's a suggestion though: why not move the iPod mount to one side, so that users can maximize the shelf space? The online brochure boasts finite elemente's patent ownership of the concept, so let's see if the German company is actually interested in profiting from its IP stake.

Hohrizontal 51

  • figgus
    Interesting. I have long felt that most Apple products should be shelved.
  • mtyermom
    figgusInteresting. I have long felt that most Apple products should be shelved.
    Bravo, sir.
  • robcope1965
    We care, why?
  • dxwarlock
    Ok Ive tried to stay unbiased about this.
    But really? on any given day there is 3-4 articles about Ipad/Iphone/Ipod on the articles section..most of them rather pointless and/or scrapping for I(whatever) news.

    A piece of wood with a charger in it is Article worthy?

    We have more news about apple accessories that are run of the mill..or articles about:
    "someone used the Ipad to do (something)"
    "(someone) likes the Ipad,,story below"

    sure its tech news..of sorts, but NO other tehc new sites post 1/2 as many Apple related articles as Toms, well other than the deticated Apple fan sites.

    but if they spent as much time making articles about the various other accessories for other products and posting about them anytime someone used one, or liked one, it wouldn't seem quite as skewed towards the "Toms makes 1000 bucks from Apple per techpost" as it seems now.

  • jamie_macdonald
    LOL @figgus

    Unfortunatley there will be people that think this is cool though (like tom's reporters for a start hehe).
  • eyemaster
    good way to break the docking of the iPod... plug it into a shelf, on the edge, and put stuff on the shelf, behind the iPod... Grab the book, in turn pulls on the iPod and breaks it as it falls to the ground. Nice...
  • sliem
    Weird name, "Hohrizontal"
    Weird design.
  • JohnnyLucky
    According to the article it is not just for iPod. There are additional ports which allow it to be used with other audio devices.
  • mythostd
    "Other pertinent specs: the Hohrizontal 51 features a frequency range of 50 to 25 Hz, and uses two 25 watt speakers."

    Is that supposed to be 50hz to 25,000hz?
    Humans hear from 20hz to 20,000hz when you are a new born, but most people in an industrial society have trouble hearing above 15,000hz do to hearing damage. Throwing out a number like 25,000hz looks impressive but is meaningless. I'd rather them improve the low end 50hz is unimpressive.

  • gm0n3y
    I swear Toms gets the Engadget feed 12 hours late.