Watch the Glass-and-Metal iPhone 8 in New Video

We're still a few months from finding out what the iPhone 8 really looks like, but a steady stream of phone renders and mockups are painting a pretty complete picture. And a new hands-on video featuring an accessory maker's iPhone 8 stand-in shows how a glass-and-metal version of the next Apple phone would look.

The video is posted to YouTube by EverythingApplePro and features a mockup sent to the YouTube channel from phone accessories maker Yesgo. The video was spotted by BGR over the Fourth of July holiday.

Accessory makers will use phone schematics from device manufacturers to create dummy models that they can then use to design their own cases and screen protectors. Based on the device in the video, Yesgo appears to have gone the extra mile, producing an iPhone model that's built out of glass and metal — one of the rumored features for the iPhone 8.

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The model in EverythingApplePro's video showcases a lot of the features that have been rumored for the iPhone 8, specifically a new vertical alignment for the iPhone's rear cameras. Apple will reportedly switch to that design as it's better suited for the augmented reality features the company hopes to incorporate into its phones.

The video notes that the two lenses on the back of the iPhone 8 mockup are larger than what's featured on Apple's current iPhone 7 Plus model. The lenses on the new phone don't protrude as much either.

Credit: EverythingApplePro/YouTube

(Image credit: EverythingApplePro/YouTube)

The phone featured in the video also lines up with previous leaks about the iPhone 8's size — namely, that the 5.8-inch phone will be slightly taller and wider than the iPhone 7, though not as big as the 7 Plus. Earlier renders have suggested the iPhone 8 will fit in between the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, size-wise, as the iPhone 8's bezel-free display allows Apple to pack in more screen real estate into a compact form.

The iPhone 8 will be slightly thicker than current iPhones at 7.2 millimeters thin, according to the video. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are 7.09mm and 7.14mm thin, respectively.

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What you won't see in the video is any hint about the iPhone 8's Touch ID sensor. The extended screen on the new phone will force Apple to find a new home for its fingerprint reader, which currently lives on the front of the phone underneath the home button. Rumors claim that Apple is having a hard time fitting the Touch ID sensor underneath the iPhone 8's screen.

A possible clue to the sensor's fate lies with the case YesGo included with its iPhone 8 mockup. There's a cutout on the back of the case that exposes the Apple logo on the phone's backside. If Apple's going to put a rear fingerprint sensor on the phone, that seems like a natural place to put it. It's certainly a better choice than right next to the rear camera lens, which is what Samsung did with the Galaxy S8.

Then again, Apple could go in an entirely different direction. Earlier this week, a Bloomberg report suggested Apple might turn to face recognition as a way to unlock the iPhone 8 via a 3D sensor.

iPhone 8 mockups should always be taken with a grain of salt, with nothing about the new iPhone being certain until Apple finally unveils its device. One thing about the EverythingApplePro video provides an extra dose of confidence in its authenticity, though: a screen protector from another accessory reportedly designed for the iPhone 8 fits this mockup perfectly.

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