iTurbulence: How to Fix the iPhone 7's Airplane Mode Glitch

Ladies and gentlemen, we'd like to warn you that some iPhone 7 models are experiencing a bit of turbulence. We're seeing reports of a bug that stops the handset from getting a signal after enabling Airplane mode, but don't worry, sit back and relax, as Apple has information for how to fix the issue and is aware of the problem.

This issue is currently found in both the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus handsets and may be limited to those using the AT&T network. MacRumors reports that internal documents reveal that Apple is aware of this issue, so hopefully it will issue a software or firmware update in the immediate future.

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Here's a video from YouTube user Loay Oweis that demonstrates the issue, showing how an iPhone 6S can be taken off of Airplane mode without error, while an iPhone 7 loses signal afterwards.

In the meantime though, the company is pointing to a fix on its sites that is dated August 19, 2016. First, it asks you to make sure Cellular data is enabled, followed by restarting the device, and checking for updated carrier settings (Open Settings, tap General, tap About).

If that doesn't do it, make sure your iPhone is on the latest version of iOS. Then, eject the SIM card and place it back in, after making sure it's not damaged. Lastly, you can try reset network settings by opening Settings, tapping General, tapping Reset and tapping Reset Network Settings. Make sure you know the Wi-Fi passwords you use, as this clears those out, along with any VPN settings.

This is just the latest hiccup for the iPhone, as T-Mobile devices experienced service outages after updating to iOS 10 and early downloads of that update bricked some handsets. At least they're not catching fire, though.

Henry T. Casey
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