How to Fix Nasty iOS 12 Bug That Kills Cellular Data

Although it's not a widespread problem, Apple's iOS 12.1.2 comes with a bug that affects cellular data on some of the iPhones it's running on. And now, we have a workaround.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

According to users who taken their complaints to Twitter and elsewhere, when they updated their software to iOS 12.1.2, they found that their cellular data was no longer working. When they were connecting to a Wi-Fi signal, they had no problem accessing apps, surfing the Web, and more.

But it was when they turned to cellular connectivity and tried to access those apps that nothing worked. Some users even resorted to resetting their iPhones to see if that would fix the problem, but it didn't.

Without cellular data, users haven't been able to access apps on the go. They're effectively left with a useless handset that doesn't work unless they're connected to Wi-Fi.

For its part, Apple hasn't commented on the apparent flaw, but it's not believed to be too widespread. It is, however, enough of an annoyance and concern that some folks have found workarounds for those who are experiencing the problem.

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According to those who have fixed it, including a YouTube user called Zollotech and 9to5Mac, one of the quickest ways to fix the problem is by disabling Wi-Fi Calling. You can do that by accessing the Cellular option in the Settings menu and toggling it off. 

Next, if the Wi-Fi Calling trick didn't work, you can go to your Cellular Data Options on the same screen as Wi-Fi Calling and toggle Enable LTE from Voice & Data to Data Only.

According to folks who have tried the two tricks, they more often than not work and fix the cellular data problem. 

Still, it's no true solution and is only a quick fix to something that Apple needs to address in iOS version 12.1.3. Exactly when that will launch, however, is unknown. But considering it's currently in beta testing, we shouldn't need to wait too long.

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