Apple: We Can Collect, Share Your Precise Location

This is more of warning from Apple to iPhone and iPad users, letting them know how their data can be used. If you have an Android device, you're probably used to seeing which applications use your location before you download them. If you have an iPhone, you might remember that some applictions launch with a little pop-up that says, "This application wants to use your location," and it's up to you whether you allow access or not.

The latest clause in Apple's privacy policy states that some applications require access to your location and Apple reserves the right to collect that information and share it with the maker of that app.

Some location-based services offered by Apple, such as the MobileMe “Find My iPhone” feature, require your personal information for the feature to work."

Though this seems reasonable, especially because users are opting into the location-based service in the first place, some seem to think this could land Apple in trouble. Similar to the situation Facebook ended up in when it changed its privacy policy or Google when it announced that it had accidentally collected data from routers using Google Street View cars, PC World's Ian Paul says the amended policy could result in backlash from users.

Jane McEntegart works in marketing communications at Intel and was previously Manager of Content Marketing at ASUS North America. Before that, she worked for more than seven years at Tom's Guide and Tom's Hardware, holding such roles as Contributing Editor and Senior News Editor and writing about everything from smartphones to tablets and games consoles.

  • the_krasno
    iSpy with my little eye.
  • How is having my precise location not personally identifiable? My iPhone GPS knows which room of the house I'm in when I use google maps. How hard would it be for advertisers to collect GPS coordinates, place them on a map, then presto they have your address and can do a reverse name lookup to find out exactly who you are. As long as you are alerted every time an app wants to use your gps like current iphone software this is fine, but the moment it starts using your gps whenever they want without you knowing because it's written in the fine print they are allowed to do that, there will be hell to pay.
  • SneakySnake
    Sounds reasonable enough

    and please, no one start with that shadow corporation/mind control crap
  • thesupermedium
    Chill out people. How is Google maps going to tell you where you are without your location??

    What would these corporations get from knowing where you are? We should be worrying about the fact that they control our government, not our locations.
  • littlec
    I don't trust Apple to use that information wisely. Especially with all they're pushing with the iAd stuff. Hello location based ads...
  • " PC World's Ian Paul says the amended policy could result in backlash from users."....And I hope it DOES! I don't know if this also applies to the iPod Touch, but I would have to assume so, and I've been saving to buy I'm having SERIOUS second thoughts.
    I quit Facebook because of the lack of privacy, have turned off "Chat" and I/M, to go a step further. I don't see anything wrong with emailing a "group" should I want to share something with more than 1 person at a time, or calling with a conference call, 3 way calling, or a speaker phone, if I don't want to be bothered with typing and a computer. It's too bad the internet, which can be so informative, and LINK people, has simply become a billboard, and attack point for others.

    Talk about "Big Brother", and lack of privacy! Then everyone will complain and want a larger "Do Not Call List" to apply to the internet after giving their permission.
  • Simple11
    Ohhh big whopp, as if I didn't give them almost all my information in the first place when I signed up with AT&T...anyhow, if they know where I am at, I don't care! WHAT CAN THEY REALLY DO?
  • extremepcs
    simple11WHAT CAN THEY REALLY DO?It'll work out well for MaxiPad/iPhone users when they get separated from the short bus... the driver will know where to pick you up and can then take you back to the institution. Apple could change the agreement to read that Jobs is allowed to come pee in your coffee every morning and the tards would still flock to the store to buy their crap.
  • rage machine
    Can't really say im worried. "Oh god they know my location!". Maybe so, but what makes you special among several other million dots running around the map? They will probably look at it and, after spending all this time and money, realize that the data is useless.
  • elrodvoss
    simple11Ohhh big whopp, as if I didn't give them almost all my information in the first place when I signed up with AT&T...anyhow, if they know where I am at, I don't care! WHAT CAN THEY REALLY DO?
    Well, if that is your feeling im sure you will let the US GOV put a little microchip into your arm or neck that will allow them to track you via RFID.

    The GOV already uses GPS in phones to trace people that are kidnapped or for investigation purposes (with warrants we hope).