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Smartpet iPhone Dog: Man's Best Robot Friend

Back in 1996, Japan's Bandai took the world by storm with the introduction of the world's first handheld digital pet, the Tamagotchi. While the once wildly popular egg companions have faded away, the company hopes to popularize a new digital friend, the Smartpet iPhone Dog. This robotic pet is powered by a free iPhone app, featuring over 100 different facial animations.

After an iPhone with the app is attached to the base, the robodog will be able to do various tricks such as walking, dancing, wagging its tail and even singing. Utilizing the iPhone's front facing camera, the Smartpet recognizes gestures allowing users to interact with their pet using the touch screen, gestures and also voice controls.

While the app itself is free, the robotic base is priced at around $83 USD and can be purchased at Strapya World. The puppy currently comes in black or white, but we wouldn't be surprised if a number of different colors or even animals will be available for purchase in the future.


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