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How to use AirPods: Tips, tricks and general instructions

Charging Your AirPods

Apple claims that the AirPods will last 5 hours before they need to be recharged. That claim held up in our review, as the buds lasted 4 hours and 29 minutes before we heard the low battery prompt. When it's finally time to recharge the AirPods all you have to do is:

Holding AirPods in charging case. Image Credit: Shaun Lucas

(Image credit: Holding AirPods in charging case. Image Credit: Shaun Lucas)

1. Place the AirPods in their charged charging case.

2. Wait 15 minutes.

3. Put the AirPods back in your ears

With a fully charged AirPods case, you can charge the buds multiple times, extending the battery life for a full 24 hours. Thanks to the W1 chip, the AirPods can get 3 hours of charge in 15 minutes, which should help get you through that long commute. The AirPods Pro's H1 chip will give you an hour of battery life with just a 5-minute charge.

If you need to charge the actual case, simply plug it in with a Lightning cable. You can do this with or without the buds.