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How to use AirPods and AirPods Max: Tips, tricks and general instructions

Update Your AirPods

Good news: Unlike every other Apple device in your life, AirPods update themselves automatically. You won’t even know it’s happening.

I haven’t checked my AirPods firmware in the year and a half I’ve owned them. You can easily find out what version of AirPods firmware your earphones are running by opening the iPhone your pods are paired to, then tapping Settings > General > About > AirPods with the charging case open next to your phone. The latest version is 3.7.2.

But if you learn about a firmware update and realize that your AirPods aren’t up to the latest version, just follow these steps to make sure you get them up to speed:

1. Plug your charging case in.

2. Make sure your AirPods are in the case.

3. Place the iPhone your AirPods are connected to near the charging case.

That’s it.