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Traffic Light Powered by Sands of Time

Nothing brings road rage and traffic jams more often than the infamous stoplight. While it's true that the simple design has stood the test of time, generations of drivers have found their collective patience tested. It's time to give the traffic light an overhaul, and what better way to do that than through a temporal metaphor?

This concept hourglass traffic light not only replaces the three-lamp standard with a LED array, but also provides an interesting countdown in the form of that classic sand-filled pre-industrial timer.  Drivers can watch the digital sands trickle down to the bottom bulb instead of wondering when their stationary agony will end.

Sounds good for most drivers antsy to lower the handbrake, but the one-panel display may be troublesome for color blind motorists. Maybe they could add a time-stop graphic?

[source:Yanko Design]