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HAMDAS-R: Robotic Butcher of Ham

When the revolution comes, robots will bring to bear a powerful arsenal of guns, death lasers and just sheer crushing power from their mechanical limbs. Is it really necessary for them to have the ability to carve us up like a Christmas ham? Mayekawa Electric seems to think so. Their award-winning entry in the 4th Robot Awards' Small Business and Venture category, HAMDAS-R, can easily do the blade-work of ten Dexters.

Mayekawa Electric believes automating the ham-boning process, HAMDAS-R's intended purpose, is more important than worrying about the knife-wielding robot turning its butchering skills on us. We'd be reassured, if it weren't for the fact that pig meat makes a great analog to human flesh.

[source: DigInfo via BotJunkie]