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Halfway To Paradise With Mobile Crossing's WayPoint 200 PDA/GPS

Take Me Home City Roads

In the rough-and-tumble world of Los Angeles traffic, people will try anything to get themselves from here to there in the quickest, least painful way. For some that means driving their SUVs like X-Wing fighters, depending on the Force to take them safely anywhere, at any speed, anytime their little hearts desire. For me, it's a Global Positioning System (GPS) that talks me from point to point and responds to my inevitable wrong turns, getting me back on track with a quick reroute.

Aside from those I found in rental cars, I had never used a GPS until I got a chance to look at Mobile Crossing's WayPoint 200. It's an easy to use Microsoft Pocket PC Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) with GPS functionality. The PDA wirelessly connects to its GPS satellite receiver using Bluetooth, and comes with enough cables and mounting brackets to keep any gadget freak happy for a long time.

In my tests I found it easy to set up a route between two locations. There were a couple of hiccoughs here and there, but the device always managed to get me where I wanted to go, even when I (or it) wandered a bit off course.