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Green Every Room, Save Lots of Money

Rounding Out The House

Circuit board clock from TerraCycle

Circuit board clock from TerraCycle

In this economy, every little bit helps. First, we gave you tips and reviewed products that help you save money and are good for the environment by reducing your electricity bill through lighting and temperature-management improvements to your home.

Now, we’re polishing off the rest of the house. In the final stages of “greening” our home with tech, we went room by room through our house, looking for appliances that could use upgrading. Then, we searched the Web and looked at what top manufacturers had to offer in the way of new sustainable-replacement products. While some of our finds were obviously more “techie” than others, each one is an improvement over its energy-sucking ancestors, giving us yet another reason to believe that the traits of “environmentally-friendly” and “technologically-advanced” are destined to be intertwined in the future.

Green gadgets for the home range from the must-have to the nice-to-know, and as I continue to look for affordable replacement options for my power-sucking traditional appliances, it should become easier to find just the right solution. While it’s always debatable as to whether replacing your existing gear with new stuff is a green decision concept, I would argue that as your older appliances and gadgets wear out, it’s always smart to look for the most advanced and efficient gadgets to take their place.

Though we cannot tell you exactly how many dollars and cents we saved by incorporating whole-home green solutions (including the products we tested for the lighting and temperature reviews), we can say that the electricity costs have recently increased by 7% in our area. My bill? Its the same size as it ever was, meaning I'm saving at least 7%.

But this isn't just about the bottom line. The balance between green versus effective is a delicate one. A whole-home perspective can keep your room-by-room decision making in check and will guarantee that tech and sustainability are long-time partners for the future.

What follows are the products that made the most difference in our lives during a month of testing.