Google Pixel XXL Leaked Benchmarks Tease Its Power

Google is reportedly working on three new handsets this year. And the biggest of the bunch might not deliver the kind of performance customers would expect.

Credit: Sam Rutherford/Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Sam Rutherford/Tom's Guide)

A device has cropped up on Geekbench called the Taimen, which happens to be the rumored codename for a smartphone Google is expected to release this year called the Pixel XXL. According to the benchmark scores, the handset will be powered by 1.9-GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip and 4GB of RAM and run the newly announced Android O.

The handset sounds like a powerful performer. However, the Geekbench scores, which were earlier reported on by Inquisitr, don't look that great. On single-core tests, the Taimen scored 1,804. By comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S8 scored 1,929 in the same test. Apple's iPhone 7, which was released last year, scored 3,324 in the test, according to Primate Labs.

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On multi-core tests, Taimen was able to turn things around and scored a 6,248, according to the Geekbench data. That topped the Galaxy S8's 6,084 score and easily trumped the iPhone 7's score of 5,506.

Still, the single-core performance is rather poor given the Galaxy S8's performance, and it's not immediately clear why Google can't get more out of the processor, if the tested device is indeed the real deal.

While smartphones will often use all their cores to get work done, single-core performance is critical to understanding how the handset will be able to handle routine operations.

For its part, Google has remained quiet about its future smartphone plans However, several reports have said that Google is planning three handsets after finding three device codenames: Walleye, Muskie, and Taimen. Google uses fish breeds as codenames and the difference in size between the three fish is believed to refer to a similar size difference between its smartphones.

Google is expected to release the Pixel devices this fall.

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  • Rabidrotty
    Yes benchmarks have been released and reported on the past few months so this is old news, but the single core tests being subpar, you have to realize that Android O is still in beta and the devices tested are prototypes so many bugs need to be worked out. To bad you didn't mention that
  • Mhannigan
    Lol! Seriously? There are SO many reasons why this is meaningless. Release is six months away, for one. The benchmark is only slightly different. And basically benchmarks are pretty meaningless. Put your time into writing something worthwhile.
  • Wes_6_
    Apple A10 Fusion cores are twice the size of regular arm high end (cortex A72/73/74) cores and about 90% larger than Kryo cores. Also A10 Fusion socs have twice the IPC as other arm cores. Don't know why only apple is designing such cores. Would be nice to see other oems do the same.