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Google Glass Gets X-Rayed

Want to know what Google Glass looks like on the inside without ripping it apart? You're in luck. Google Glass Explorer owner Andrew Vanden Heuvel posted a full set of X-rays revealing the spec's under-garments and private bits. Heuvel actually manages the YouTube channel STEMbite where he routinely uploads videos taken with the Glass specs.

"With STEMbite, you can explore the world like never before -- through the eyes of an enthusiastic young teacher," he writes on the STEMbite channel. "Subscribe to this channel for engaging, bite-size lessons from a unique first-person perspective through Google Glass."

His educational videos cover physics, biology, technology, math and other uploads. More specifically, topics include why speeding doesn't help, math at the pharmacy, using barcodes, how bone conduction speakers work, the evolution of behavior, and so on. It's a unique online "classroom" with video lessons filmed using Google Glass, allowing viewers to see everything from the teacher's perspective.

As for the X-rayed Glass specs, these were uploaded to his STEMbite Google Plus account on Friday. There are ten shots in the whole show-all batch revealing how all those micro-devices fit together to create one impressive piece of technology. Looking from the outside at the unit as a whole, it's certainly difficult to appreciate the engineering and skill it takes to cram so much processing power into a tiny head-mounted $1500 device.

Want to see Glass completely disassembled? Head over to Catwig here. Meanwhile, the X-rays can be spotted here.

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