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Google Glass Taking Road Trip Across America

I smell a road trip! The Google Glass team just announced via Google Plus that the highly-anticipated augmented reality specs is gearing up to take a road trip across America. The adventure begins in Durham, North Carolina of all places on October 5, and then the Glass party will hit the road and head to other cities after that. Currently where Google will head next is unknown.

Local individuals interested to see what Google Glass has to offer will need to reserve a spot by heading here. Fill in your name and address, and you should be good to go. "We’ve heard lots of people are interested in experiencing Glass first hand, so we’re taking Glass to cities across the US to give you a chance to do just that," the company states.

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"We’re excited to announce that we’ll be kicking off in the Tar Heel State. Come try Glass, chat with the team, and enjoy local snacks and beverages," Google adds. The Tar Heel session will take place on the American Tobacco Campus in Bay 7 from 10am to 6pm EST. That's just off the Durham Freeway (147) on Blackwell Street.

The move is to undoubtedly get potential customers acquainted with the controversial wearable tech, and to possibly get some constructive feedback along the way. Currently Glass is only available to developers and participants in the Explorer program, another name for "beta". These users are required to shell out $1,500 USD for the beta specs in addition to traveling to New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco to retieve the specs.

Google Glass isn't expected to arrive until next summer, and there's talk that the wearable tech price will be a bit more consumer friendly than the Explorer Edition. Google will also reportedly establish stand-alone stores given that Glass needs to be customized for the wearer. However recent rumors also pointed to possible micro-stores in Best Buy.

Google is light on the details on how this road trip will be played out, specifically how the company will allow users to test the upcoming specs. The Glass team said that additional locations will be revealed on Google Plus here, so stay tuned to that Google Channel.

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