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Globe MP3 Player Comes with a Built-in Twist

Designer Simon Lyons thought he could do the track wheel one better. His Globe MP3 player concept puts the turning on a whole new plane. The controls of the Globe are integrated directly into the unit's form factor, instead of taking up space in the front like in many contemporary media players.

There's a lot of turning to be done with this device. For starters, the twisting the two "hemispheres" is what turns the gadget on or off. Track selection is made possible by turning the "equator", or the middle ring. It's a glowing violet number that pulsates to supposedly make the operator relax.

On top of that, the Globe is completely wireless. There are no messy wires to contend with, as the main unit streams audio to its accompanying wireless pair of earphones. There's even a docking station for charging and detachable speakers that are—you guessed it—wireless. The station can also transfer music to the player through Wi-Fi.

Last but not least, the docking station also has audio-out, allowing the Globe to connect to higher-quality speaker sets if so desired. But will Lyons push his creation out to the market? Only time will tell.

Simon Lyons Online