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Leak Shows Difference Between Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S8

Samsung's Galaxy S9 screen might come with a thinner bezel at the top and bottom, after all.

Credit: Weibo/SamMobile

(Image credit: Weibo/SamMobile)

Images alleging to show screen protectors comparing screen protectors for last year's Galaxy S8 and the upcoming Galaxy S9 have leaked on Chinese social networking site Weibo. The images, which were earlier reported on by SamMobile, appear to show identical screen sizes, but smaller bezels, creating the prospect that this year's Galaxy S9 line being a bit smaller in size than the Galaxy S8.

In one image depicting the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9, the difference appears clear. The Galaxy S9 bezels at the top and especially the bottom appear to be markedly thinner than those in the Galaxy S8. It's a similar story in the larger Galaxy S8+ and Galaxy S9+, but the difference there doesn't seem to be as pronounced.

The leaks come after months of speculation over exactly what Samsung has planned for its smartphone displays. Earlier reports had suggested that the devices would have thinner bezels. More recent reports, however, have said that Samsung is instead planning bezels that are nearly identical. The move could be part of a broader "boring" update, according to some reports.

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It's unclear when the screen protectors leaked on Weibo were created and what they're based on. Like Apple, Samsung can be secretive about its designs. However, the company does tend to provide third-party accessory makers with some insight into what it has planned so they can quickly get cases, screen protectors, and other accessories to the market as quickly as possible.

Whether the screen protectors leaked on Weibo come from information gathered from Samsung or are based on pure speculation is unknown.

Whatever the case, we should have our answer soon enough. Most market watchers expect Samsung to announce its Galaxy S9 line at the end of February around Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The smartphone will likely hit store shelves sometimes in March.

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    come on' . this is news? how about features? or useability. this tells me almost nothing.