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Samsung May Release Monster Galaxy S10 With 12GB RAM, 1TB Storage, Near $2,000 Price Tag

The rumors on a monster Samsung Galaxy S10 are not dying: a phone with a ceramic back that has 12GB or RAM and 1TB of storage for a price that will probably near $2,000.

It’s absolutely nuts, the latest rumor from SamMobile proves true.

Credit: All About Samsung

(Image credit: All About Samsung)

The rumor is not dying and has been going on for a while, with reliable leaker Ice Universe adding credence to it when he listed the phone keywords to watch in 2019:

“10GB, 12GB [the rumored RAM sizes in the new Samsung flagships], 1TB [the top storage size in the S10 10th anniversary], 7nm [the manufacturing process in the Exynos processor], 48MP CMOS [a camera sensor], Hole [in the screen], Dual Screen [like the Nubia X], ToF [Time of Flight photography capable of capturing 3D scenes], Fast Wireless Charging, NPU130 [the AI engine in the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8180], 5G, HIAA [Samsung’s hole drilling tech], Fold [the rumored brand name for the Galaxy foldable], Ultrasound Screen Fingerprint [which reportedly is included in the S10 and is more secure than current photographic TouchID tech].”

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If true, this will make this special edition Samsung Galaxy S10 the biggest and baddest smartphone in the planet, period. And judging by the rumored $1,480 price tag for the 8GB/512GB version, the most expensive, too. There’s no way this thing would cost anywhere under $1,900.

But who wants to buy a phone with more memory and storage than most modern computers for the price of a high-end laptop? Maybe this would make sense if it could easily transform into a full computer when plugged to a monitor, but that still wouldn't justify the premium.

First, there is no full Photoshop or Premiere for Android phones, about the only apps that can make use of those RAM and storage specs. And even if there were versions of these apps, the processor will still be underpowered to really take advantage of them.

Perhaps these specs are made for gaming? Maybe. But why buy a near-$2K portable game machine that can’t in no way compete in functionality, available titles, and sheer fun factor with a $300 Nintendo Switch?

If the rumor is true, this will be just a vanity machine for rich idiots. Perhaps that’s why, as SamMobile says in its report, this will be a limited edition.