There's Now a Nerf Fortnite Rocket Launcher (and Four Other New Guns)

Hasbro wants you to buy more Nerf Fornite stuff and of course you need some of this air-launched action based on the actual in-game weapons. Because Nerf and Fornite make for some of the best toys, that’s why.

The toys will be available on August 1 everywhere where they sell toys, ready to annoy anyone at the pool or beach. You can also preorder them now on Amazon.

I wouldn’t mind getting the Nerf Fornite RL Blaster myself — a $30 rocket launcher that fires one large projectile. Seen at the top of this post, it comes with two Nerf Fortnite Elite rockets.

This one is the Nerf Fornite HC-E Mega Blaster, single-shot front-loading gun with three included darts for $15.

The $10 Nerf Fortnite MicroShots Battle Bus Blaster is inspired by the battle bus in the game and comes with two darts.

Then there’s the $10 Nerf Fortnite MicroShots AR-L Blaster, which can fire one of the two darts included at a time for $10.

And finally there’s the Nerf Fortnite MicroShots HC-R Blaster, which fires Nerf Elite darts just like the other blaster models for $10.

Frankly, what I really want is a functional Fortnite flamethrower that fires swarms of Nerf projectiles. Made of explosive napalm.

Credit: Hasbro

Jesus Diaz

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