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Ford’s Lane-Keeping Bed Is the Best Thing for Couples Ever

If you have ever been in a relationship, you know how hard it could be to share a bed. Not only do all humans move involuntary through the night, but some people are bed hogs, turning sweet dreams into annoying nightmares.

That’s why Ford’s new Lane-Keeping bed should be obligatory for every couple on the planet.

Credit: Ford

(Image credit: Ford)

The new bed is equipped with the motion detection sensors that Ford has on its Lane-Keeping Aid technology, which its cars use to alert you when you are moving into a new lane.

The motion detectors are capable of tracking the two people sleeping in the bed. When someone gets too close to the edge of their partner's space, rolling motors push an infinite mattress surface to the other side, making space again from the cornered victim.

Credit: Ford

(Image credit: Ford)

The bed is Ford’s second wacky-but-awesome invention after a kennel that used its cars’ noise-cancelling technology so dogs don’t get scared by loud sounds like fireworks and thunder.

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On the other hand, this bed can’t keep people in their own “lanes." I don’t know, maybe include a mild electrical zapper in case one tries to grab the other in the middle of the night.

Unfortunately, it’s just a prototype that is not available for sale. But don’t despair. If you are suffering in bed, you can always go the low-tech route that people used in the 50s: get a sleep divorce.

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