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Flappy Bird Flies Again in August with Multiplayer

Ready for more punishment? After a several-month hiatus, Dong Nguyen's wildly popular and maddeningly challenging "Flappy Bird" will make its return to mobile marketplaces this August. The best part? You'll be able to share the pain with friends in a new multiplayer mode.

The news broke via a Tweet from CNBC's Kelly Evans, to whom Nguyen said "Flappy Bird is Coming Back. Multiplayer. August." He also noted that the game will be "less addictive" this time around.

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Nguyen ripped "Flappy Bird" from the App Store and Google Play in February, tweeting that players were becoming too obsessed and that its success ruined his "simple life." The developer was reportedly raking in $50,000 per day in ad revenue when the free game was live.

"Flappy Bird" has lived on for any users who simply haven't deleted it from their phones, and troves of copycats (including our favorite, FlappyDoge) have popped up since the hit game went missing from app stores. A clone called FlapMMO lets you play while simultaneously watching the progress of hundreds of other players, though we're not sure if Nguyen is looking to do something similar.

Given the popularity of asynchronous multiplayer (a la Words with Friends), multiplayer in "Flappy Bird" may be as simple as taking turns with friends in pursuit of beating each other's score.

We don't know how Nguyen plans to make his game less addictive, but a paywall or time limit function could certainly do the trick. Regardless, make sure to limber up your thumbs and make sure your phone has a solid protection plan, because this mobile phenomenon's official return is only months away.

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