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Is The Facebook Phone Finally Real (and Called Buffy)?

According to the publication, HTC will be building the device and given the time-to-market cycle in the cellphone industry, the phone could be 12 to 18 months from its introduction.

Referring to industry sources, All Things Digital says that Buffy will be a modified version of Android that is heavily geared toward the integration of Facebook and support HTML5 as application platform.

"Buffy has been an ongoing area of concern at the social networking giant for the past two years. These days, the project is led by Facebook CTO Bret Taylor," the publication wrote.

So far, Buffy is still a rumor, but we now have more information, including a spicy code-name. It is way too early to discuss the phone as even Facebook may not even know how it will look like in the end, even if it is seriously planning such a device. With iOS and Android pretty much dominating the smartphone market, RIM trying to survive and Microsoft investing heavily into Windows Phone, the question is whether or not there is room for another platform.

Of course, Facebook's angle could be unique and combine the very personal characteristics of a phone with social features. Can that be enough to lure buyers?

  • soo-nah-mee
    Um, no.
    Just no.
  • The technicals are encouraging, just don't end up as Microsoft Kin, restricting the phone and might as well trash it.

    Although the name needs work.
  • LuckyDucky7
    There's no room for this.

    I mean:

    -Android-powered phones are nearly $0 on contract
    -iOS devices are what all the cool kids want (no accounting for utility)
    -BlackBerry... well, if you're messaging friends that's what you're using

    -Most people who don't have a smartphone don't have one for a reason (either due to clumsiness/loss or it not being in the budget).

    So this phone, unless it's a totally new carrier that doesn't charge a ludicrous amount of cash for Internet access, doesn't solve any problem and, more importantly, doesn't do Facebook any better than any other phone.

    And these reasons are probably why Facebook said that they weren't getting into the market.
    The FB UI makes me cry, I can only imagine what they would end up with if they made a phone...
  • keyanf
    Now if only Joss could kill Facebook...
  • Parsian
  • acadia11
    Seriuosly, is face book that important to people that they have to have a phone that's geared for it? WTF????
  • acerace
    Who's that girl? What connection she has with this article? Just wondering.
  • descendency
    Buffy is so early 2000s. They should have called it Edward.
  • assasin32
    Surprise it took them this long to try to put such a thing out. Figure it would've been made a long time ago. Not saying this is a good thing but there is money to be made there I am just surprised it took them this long to figure it out.