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Facebook's Privacy Checkup May Get You to Share More

Do you really know who can see your Facebook posts? A new initiative by the social-media giant is meant to reacquaint you with your privacy settings, in order to make it easier to manage who you share with. The Privacy Checkup tool is rolling out in the coming days, and Facebook says the process should take only a minute or two.

Facebook said in an earlier post that Privacy Checkup is about putting power and control in people's hands, but it seems the feature could be more about getting you to share more. Based on feedback the company gathered from its users, people are more comfortable sharing with a smaller group, such as just friends.

Some Facebookers also worry they will share something embarrassing by accident, or with the wrong audience. When people get more comfortable knowing only a limited, trusted set of people will see their posts, they tend to share more.

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The Checkup is a three-step process that lets you confirm who can see your posts, apps and profile. The apps portion displays the apps that you've granted access to your Facebook information and lets you review which can access your data and/or post on your behalf.

The Profile segment displays the information you have on your page and lets you decide exactly who gets to see each bit of data.

At any point after the feature is fully rolled out, you can access the tool whenever you wish by clicking the Privacy Shortcuts button at the top right of the page (next to the Notifications symbol). This can serve as a good periodic assessment of your privacy settings.

Staff Writer Cherlynn Low lets exactly seven lists of friends see her posts on Facebook. Follow her @cherlynnlow. Follow Tom's Guide at @tomsguide on Facebook.