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Facebook Messenger Gets Its First Game

Facebook Messenger is now a gaming platform -- sort of. After introducing mobile payments and support for more GIFs than you can handle, Facebook's chat application now has its first official game in Doodle Draw: a simple diversion that tasks you with making friends guess a certain word based on your sketches.

You can download Doodle Draw for Messenger from both the App Store and Google Play Store, or get it right from the More tab when you're in the middle of a Messenger chat. The Draw Something-like game is easy: just pick a word, attempt to draw something that resembles that word and send it to a friend to have them guess what it is.

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I spent a few minutes with Doodle Draw, haphazardly drawing my best attempt at a gorilla before sending it to my co-worker Valentina, who described my sketch as a "bear-duck." The game lets you doodle in black, red, blue and yellow from the start, and making correct guesses will earn you in-game stars for buying new color packs.

Doodle Draw seems like the ideal debut game for Facebook's chat platform, as it only requires each player's attention for a few seconds at a time. There's no word on when to expect more Messenger games, but we'd count on them being equally bite-sized. 

Ever since Messenger Platform was announced in March, the Facebook chat application has grown significantly. You can now send a friend money in the middle of a chat, as well as use dozens of third-party apps such as Giphy, Ditty and ESPN for sending GIFs, jingles and sports clips, respectively.