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Facebook for Work Could End Social Media Stigma at the Office

Using Facebook all day at work could soon finally be approved at some offices, thanks to Facebook for Work, a communication tool expected to compete with the likes of Slack, Yammer and Hipchat.

Credit: Facebook

(Image credit: Facebook)

The platform will be widely released in October, according to numerous reports, and won't be connected to users' personal Facebook accounts, according to the company.

But Facebook for Work will work in similar ways to its consumer-oriented brother, letting employees create detailed profiles and post status updates and links on their walls. Also, like Facebook as we know it now, users will be able keep up with certain individuals without having to chat with them directly with the "follow" function, post to specific groups and and share documents.

Facebook for Work could also help the social network stay relevant as it faces competition from the likes of WhatsApp in casual settings and Google Chat and Hangouts, which are tools for both work and personal use.

More than 450 companies have already used Facebook for Work as part of the company's beta testing.