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Eigenharp E-harp is Perfect for the Sci-Fi Cantina

The Eigenharp has been out since last year, but that doesn't change the fact that it's the most versatile electronic instrument ever (take that, Theremin!). It's a combination keyboard, virtual guitar, and even wind instrument, with a form factor that allows different styles of expressive playing.

Embedded throughout the entire length of the object are fingertip-sized touch pads, backed by LED lights. The touch pads are divided into two areas. In this demo video, the narrower "neck" controls percussion and mode, while its wider counterpart controls the melody.

But as the Eigernharp is completely programmable, via the Mac-only software released by its maker, it's easy to change this configuration—and what plays when you touch the pads. It's even possible to reconfigure the wind pipe, to make it control pitch, volume, etc.

Such versatility doesn't come cheap however. The flagship Eigenharp Alpha cost £4,000 (over $6,000) when it launched last December. The smaller cheaper Eigenharp Pico debuted at a price of £349 (around $530) last November, but its significantly shorter neck may prove limiting for those who want the full Eigenlabs experience.

Thanks Distorted-Loop!