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Electric Unicycle Balances Itself

Designed like a miniature unicycle and stripped-down Segway, Inventist's new Solowheel brings a brand new gadget to move you around. The company's "self-balancing electric unicle" is powered by a 1000-watt rechargable lithium-ion battery that is stores energy while you slow down or go down hills. After charging for a mere 45 minutes, the battery is charged to full and allows the Solowheel to take you around for up to two hours.

Taking a step ahead of the segway, the Solowheel is only 20 pounds and consists of foldable foot platforms which gives the device portability that a bulky segway or bicycle might not have. Since the Solowheel balances itself, it is much easier to learn than riding an actual unicycle. All you have to do is lean forward to move forward and accelerate and lean backwards to slow down and stop.

Check out the video below to see the Solowheel in action.