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Work From Home: 20 Tech Tips

Get out of the house: Work from anywhere.

Maybe you prefer to work in less traditional spaces—in a park or on a city bench—where WiFi isn’t available. If you don’t own a tablet and are sick of typing notes on your tiny smartphone screen, consider getting a portable WiFi hotspot.

Verizon’s MiFi is a popular choice for users hoping to connect from anywhere. The mobile hotspot provides a 3G connection for up to five devices, including laptops and PDAs.

For smartphone owners, a simpler option might be to tether your device to your laptop. Most Android devices can easily provide connections for other devices. AT&T also recently released a tethering plan for its iPhones.

  • killerclick
    Nice... but too bad I'll soon have a Skyrim icon on my desktop. I don't suppose there's a program to block that?
  • I was just surfing for a To Do List App yesterday. Good timing! Thank you.
  • tomate2
    Some people may not even made a jump from Hotmail... Windows Live also have a calendar for those who use Hotmail... Don't use it very much, but I think its a pretty capable online calendar as well...
  • Really interesting article. Timers and self-restraint applications may be entering into my everyday quite soon.
  • archange
    So, were there 20 or 21 tips? :)
  • andywork78
    Evernote is great tool for followup.
    I use this tool for long time.
    Evernote for just take note down?
    You fail~ lol