How to Disable Netflix's Nagging iOS Notifications

I'm a big fan of new year's resolutions and I'm constantly having trouble keeping my attention focused, so I thought I had my iPhone notifications under control. Surprise, dear reader, I was wrong.

We're only a week or so into the new year, and my most rewarding decision so far came as I decided to ban Netflix from sending notifications. That's right, if you weren't aware: Netflix loves to blow up your lock screen with stuff to watch.

Even as I'm writing this, it sent me a notification for some show called Derry Girls. Netflix, really? It wasn't even after 5pm when you sent that notification, do you think I'm just gonna drop my work and watch some random thing you recommended?

How to Stop Netflix's Nagging

If you too are an iPhone user, tired of Netflix bothering you when it's not appropriate, open Settings, tap Notifications, tap Netflix and turn Notifications to Off. Use Android? We've got tips for how to disable Android notifications here.

To pull back the perspective, Netflix isn't even the biggest notification offender these days. Apple earned minor ire for a notification its TV app sent, pushing news of Apple's massively ignored version of Carpool Karaoke. Ironically, I found that notification hilarious and minor.

Personally, I let things slide after the first Netflix notification I'd gotten in a while, because Avengers: Infinity War isn't too far from my interests.

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The last straw, though, came when I got a notification for "Top Pick for You: Stand Up and Away! with Brian Regan" — a comedy special by the dull, banal and basic comedian Brian Regan. I don't know why Netflix is so gung ho about this original special of theirs — they may value it highly because Jerry Seinfeld produced it — but I'm not biting.

I may come off as a snob here, but this is where every recommendation-based system risks falling flat on its face and alienating people. When you push an exceptionally irrelevant notification, you wind up sending peeved user in search of the notifications settings.

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