CyberPower's New Gaming PCs Are Absolutely Bonkers

Of the many gaming desktops I've seen at CES 2017, CyberPower's new models take the cake in terms of sheer drool-worthiness. The company's 2017 lineup is all about luxury, with PCs that range from "slick and affordable" to "an actual steel cage." Color us intrigued.

CyberPower Luxe: For the Truly Luxurious

No gaming PC in recent memory has grabbed my attention quite like the new CyberPower Luxe. The entire computer is encased in a cage-like steel frame, making it look like something you'd be more likely to find at a monster truck show than a computer shop.

Just about every component in the Luxe was glowing in a different, eye-popping color, and the PC's tempered glass windows made it easy to admire the view.

The Luxe's pleasantly ridiculous design isn't without practicality, as you can easily lift up the top of the metal-bar case to access the components. The only potential downside of the the Luxe's cage-like construction is that the top of the PC is pretty exposed, so you'll probably want to keep any liquids far away from it.

CyberPower also showed off a separate Luxe model that looked like the world's sexiest refrigerator. Opening the PC's front panel was as simple as swinging open a door, which gave way to an alluring pair of colored liquid coolant tanks and a set of copper tubes that are unique to this desktop.

Hyperliquid: The Ultimate Streaming PC

The CyberPower Hyperliquid is an evolution of last year's Pro Streamer desktop, which appeals to professional gamecasters by cramming two independent PCs — one for streaming, one for gaming — into a single chassis. This new iteration retains that same basic idea, but is bigger, more powerful, and a whole lot sexier.

One of the Hyperliquid's key new features is its two independent power supply units, which should help keep both the streaming and gaming portion of the desktop running optimally at all times. The model we saw on display was stunning, with neatly laid-out components and dynamic RGB lighting that could be adjusted with a flick of a scroll wheel on the front of the machine.

The Hyperliquid's front-facing ports are clearly marked to denote which of the two internal PCs they belong to, and there's even a front-facing HDMI port that makes plugging your VR headset in easy. I was really impressed by the Pro Streamer's ability to lower the performance load that standard PCs struggle with while broadcasting, and I'm eager to get my hands on this newer, much nicer-looking iteration.

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Syber XL and Gamer Extreme

Rounding out CyberPower's new lineup is a set of desktops that are a bit more basic, but still gorgeously stylish. Joining the company's extra-sleek Syber sub-brand is the Syber XL, a large tower filled with glowing lights that look especially awesome, thanks to the reflective panel on one of the sides.

The Syber XL's internal tray layout is customizable, allowing you pick a fan configuration that ensures optimal airflow within your desk setup.

Syber XL

Syber XL

CyberPower also showed off a new version of its red-tinted Gamer Extreme desktop, which is a consistent top seller on Amazon thanks to its fairly attainable price and strong specs. Despite being the brand's "budget" PC, the latest Extreme features plenty of alluring angles and shiny lights.

Gamer Extreme

Gamer Extreme

Pricing, Availability and Outlook

The CyberPower Luxe is available now for a starting $4,000, while the Hyperliquid is slated for March for an estimated $6,000. The Syber XL should start at around $1,600 when it hits later this year, while the new Gamer Extreme will likely stay near the $799 ballpark.

Since these are CyberPower machines, you can expect to outfit the higher-end models with whichever crazy combination of high-end parts you like, including the latest 7th-gen Intel processors, Nvidia GTX 1080 graphics, and a myriad of liquid cooling options.

We've come to expect boundary-pushing designs from CyberPower (remember the Fang Trinity), but the company has surpassed even its own high standards this year when it comes to crafting machines that are just joyously over-the-top. While the Luxe and Hyperliquid PCs are clearly aimed at those willing to splurge for a mega-premium PC, it's good to see CyberPower continue to support the entry-level shopper with models such as the Gamer Extreme. We're eager to get our hands on all of CyberPower's 2017 lineup, so keep an eye out for full reviews.

Michael Andronico

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