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Cyber Monday Sales Skyrocket By 33 Percent

IBM's Smarter Commerce service, which tracks the performance of more than 500 retailers, projects a 33 percent gain for Cyber Monday 2011 over the same day in 2010.

IBM noted that it does not reveal actual dollar volumes for the day due to contractual obligations with its partners (giving us only the 33 percent figure), but could report that the average order volume climbed from $193.24 to $198.26 and shoppers ordered an average of 7.31 items, compared to only 6.41 last year. The time spent on websites dropped from 7:47 minutes to 7:30 minutes, while the mobile shopping share jumped from 2.25 percent to 6.58 percent. The peak shopping time was at 11:05am PST.

The data suggest that Apple's iPhone and iPad are the top two mobile Cyber Monday shopping devices. Collectively, the iPhone and iPad accounted for 7.4 percent of all online retail traffic, while Android devices reached 3.2 percent.

Shoppers that used an iPad were more willing to spend than users of any other device. IBM said that iPad user sales conversion rates were 5.2 percent compared to 4.6 percent of other devices.

Social media plays a role in generating sales, but not as much as the hype surrounding Facebook and Twitter may make us believe. Links from social media networks created 0.56 percent of all online sales on Cyber Monday. 86 percent of those sales were referred by users on Facebook, IBM said.