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Slide in Apartment Makes Your Stairs Jealous

Architectural company, Turett Collaborative has come up with a ninteresting way to transform two identical one-bedroom apartments in New York City into a 2-bedroom duplex home.

By creating a simple slide that connects the top floor near the office and the bottom living and dining areas, Turett Collaborative gives homeowners a chance to relive their childish impulses without having to worry about criticism or judgment from others.

Of course people may start asking questions once they enter your home but we’re pretty sure just about anyone can imagine how much fun this could be. Walking up and down stairs can be exhausting and boring, but hopping down a slide to get downstairs would be definitely be quicker and more exciting. And if the sliding gets boring, there’s always those stairs there to get you up and down.

A slide might not be the first thing you’d think of when contemplating the interior design of your home, but imagine how much fun the kids would have!