Comcast Plays Porn During Super Bowl

Tucson, Arizona Comcast subscribers were in for quite a shocker this past Sunday, when the cable giant accidentally broadcasted very graphic adult cinema scenes from "Club Jenna" over the standard family friendly Super Bowl feed.

The Cardinals and the Steelers clashed during the intense final minutes of the Super Bowl game.  With just three minutes remaining, the Cardinals had just taken the lead after facing almost certain defeat.  The broadcast made a switch to an initially innocent enough scene which many no doubt mistook as a commercial.  What came next however was certainly unexpected. 

As the scene played out, a woman was visibly grabbing a man in the genital area while trying to unzip his pants.  Then within mere seconds the man stood up to remove his pants, revealing full male nudity on live television.  The scene continued, but Comcast was quick to bring the pornographic antics to a halt before they could get any worse. 

The pornographic interruption surprisingly is not the first for the Comcast network.  In May of 2007, subscribers were subjected to a similar display over the Disney channel.  No statement has been made yet by Comcast representatives over the current incident, but what we know so far is that the interruption may have only affected analog broadcasts in the Tucson area.