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Chevy Knocks $5,000 Off the Chevy Volt for 2014

GM has announced that the Chevy Volt will be priced at $34,995 next year. In a press release published today, the company emphasized the value of the 2014 Volt, which it says could start at $27,495 for individuals claiming the maximum federal tax credits of $7,500 (of course, this figure will depend on your individual tax liability).

"The lower price and cost savings from driving on electricity provide Volt owners an unmatched balance of technology, capability and cost of ownership," said Don Johnson, U.S. vice president, Chevrolet sales and service. "The 2014 Volt will offer the same impressive list of features, but for $5,000 less."

All purchases are subject to an $810 handling fee, and not everyone will be able to claim the maximum amount of tax credits. However, GM is hoping that the price drop for the Volt 2014 will broaden the vehicle's exposure to price-sensitive shoppers using sites like, and to search for plug-in electric vehicles or gas-powered alternative sedans.

  • Onus
    GM is bankrupt. The new "Government Motors" is not on my radar, and never will be again, unless/until EVERY taxpayer dollar has been repaid, and then some.
  • master9716
    People need to start buying American cars , 2014 CTS amazing luxury car , 2014 Stingray built like a 120k car.Although Mercedes and Bmw will always sell because of their timeless look that never gets old.
  • wysir
    Too generic looking. Just bought a Subaru BRZ because I love everything about it. I don't feel that American companies know how to cater to customers desires. If American companies added some serious flare to lower end vehicles, then I'd consider buying American.
  • g-unit1111
    11307951 said:
    People need to start buying American cars , 2014 CTS amazing luxury car , 2014 Stingray built like a 120k car.Although Mercedes and Bmw will always sell because of their timeless look that never gets old.

    The Cadillac CTS-V is a very drool-worthy car but at $60K it's too rich for my blood. :lol:
  • dalethepcman
    wysir. You are specifically stating you are looking for low end vehicles and you want them to have lots of flare. If you add lots of flare to a low end vehicle, the price goes up. Usually people looking for a low end vehicle are shopping for their children or a daily commuter, and the only thing they are interested in is safety, MPG, and cost.

    I don't want my children driving around in a Tokyo drift eye catcher anyways. Sorry little lady, you get the Chevy aveo.
  • chunkymonster
    GM could drop the price $40K and I still wouldn't buy one of those Volt pieces of crap!
  • Osmin
    The American people do not realize that a Car will generally be their second largest investment in their lives and sending most of their hard earned money to foreign countries will have negative effects that will eventually hurt them. This is why I have never purchased a foreign car and will buy GM cars in the future. I rented a Chevrolet Cruz while traveling and was impressed with the ride and MPG for a car priced to compete with the Ford Focus. Even if GM received a bailout that will not be paid back directly, every middle class GM worker will pay back the loan through their federal taxes that would disappear as soon as they got unemployed and the US would have higher deficits paying for their unemployment checks. I also try to avoid buying foreign made products for the same reason but it is practically impossible since most US Companies are just foreign investors in foreign manufacturing companies. Buying foreign products is like sending up to 70% of your money to help foreign workers (That don’t pay US taxes) improve their lives while you get high deficits, high unemployment, wage stagnation, and a host of hidden taxes to make up for the lost revenue. We have fake unemployment numbers to hide the truth and they raided the Social Security fund to hide the lost revenue while they sent the jobs overseas. In the 1970’s almost 90% of the products were made in America and just look how hard it is to buy American made products today. The Global Economy was not to help the 99% of Americans but increase the profit for the top 1% that make most of their money though the stock market with a flat tax capital gains rate of 11%.
  • mobrocket

    better not buy a toyota or honda or ford then
    because nearly all auto maker have received government assistance directly or indirectly

    Toyota multiple times from the Japanese Government
  • It's not the loan where we got screwed is was the government buying up most of the stock, the stock TANKING, then they sell it back and the bottomed out price, with us holding the bag for the difference.
  • kawininjazx
    I think foreign and domestics are both good cars. Heck, I had an 87 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe that had like 250,000 miles before I sold it. I now own a 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer and it has 90,000 miles on it and it has been an amazing car. As far as domestics, the Cadillac ATS is nice, I might even take that over a 3 series BMW. However, the Volt only sells because we pay people with OUR tax money to buy it, just like solar panels. I can't believe the government can just give our money away.