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Gizmondo Sneak Peek

Soon At A Kiosk Near You

Only the very brave would dare take on the might of video game giants Sony and Nintendo, but a Florida-based newcomer by the name of Tiger Telematics Inc is planning to just that when it launches its Gizmondo on October 22. As a portable gaming system, the Gizmondo is aiming to take a slice of the multi-billon dollar games market from its competitors, despite some early hiccups. The machine has had its US launch date put back on several occasions, with many cynics claiming the creators didn't believe enough in its potential, but the manufacturer says it is now confident of the new release date.

Carl Freer, co-founder and Chairman of Tiger Telematics, says: "Contrary to rumors in the marketplace we are not delaying the scheduled USA launch, we are committed to the October 22, 2005 release date, and the product will be available in all 50 states well in advance of the Christmas retail season." The Gizmondo has been on sale in the UK since March and, despite having dedicated retail outlets in 21 cities across Europe and good high street distribution, the portable device has only enjoyed moderate success up to now. So the firm is pulling out all the stops for its US launch.

The Gizmondo debuts in the US on October 22nd

After securing over $200 million of funding through a Nasdaq listing, Tiger Telematics has set aside $30 million for a marketing campaign which includes opening 50 Gizmondo kiosks across high profile shopping sites. A total of 12 kiosks will open initially - with the rest to follow. The first sites will be placed in major US cities including: Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas, Chicago, Seattle and four prime locations in Los Angeles.

"We're particularly excited about the enormous marketing potential represented by the Kiosk initiative. This gives us the opportunity to engage the consumer on a one-to-one basis and walk them through the awesome entertainment experience only available on the Gizmondo handheld. Although units can be purchased there, the kiosks are a unique way to create product awareness throughout the USA in key locations," said Freer.