Thieves Steal 6,000 Copies of MW3 in Truck Robbery

On Saturday, a delivery truck containing an estimated 6,000 copies of Activision's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was seized by thieves after crashing into a car as it traveled through Créteil, south Paris, France. The two masked individuals emerged from the offending car and used tear gas to neutralize the truck's driver and passengers. Once the scene was secured, the thieves jumped on the truck and ran off with all 6,000 copies.

The news follows reports that some retail outlets are already selling Activision's new Call of Duty shooter just days before its official November 8 street date. Last week Microsoft's Stephen Tolouse, director of Policy and Enforcement for Xbox Live, said that "playing early may impact your [Xbox LIVE] account" even if consumers bought the game legitimately.

But after a sudden negative backlash by consumers, developer Infinity Ward quickly followed up saying that there are no plans to ban [early] legit fans. "Try to wait til midnight launch on Tuesday to play #MW3," said Infinity Ward creative strategist Robert Bowling via Twitter. "Can't wait to jump online with everyone then!"

Just weeks ago Activision experienced another "theft" of Modern Warfare 3 thanks to an employee at a shipping warehouse in California. According to reports, the employee stole disk two of the PC version, created an image and then uploaded it online. Sources claim that security may have been to tight for the employee to retrieve the other disc. Activision is currently tracking down those already playing illegal copies of the game, asking them to trash the unofficial copy or face a $5,000 fine and a potential permanent online ban.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is slated to arrive on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS and Windows PC on November 8 here in the States and in Europe.

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  • Sabiancym
    Think they learned how to coordinate the takedown from the game lol?
  • COLGeek
    It is obvious that some folks fail to realize this is simply a game. What the heck is the big rush?
  • ern88
    Ya, it's sounds like peeps are acting out the COD in real live to get COD MW3 tear gas and stuff. For a game. I wonder if EBAY Paris has the game on sale. lol
  • peanutsrevenge
    COLGeekIt is obvious that some folks fail to realize this is simply a game. What the heck is the big rush?
    Stealing 6000 copies makes a lot of sense, they'll be able to sell them. That's what thieves do btw.

  • zorky9
    otacon72I don't play games but I'm assuming they come with a product key. Block the keys.True. With the keys blocked it was nothing but a 6000+ piece frisbee heist.
  • surfer1337dude
    otacon72I don't play games but I'm assuming they come with a product key. Block the keys.They do, but the problem is that no one probably knows which codes were used for those 6,000 codes. Plus how do you explain to the consumers that buy the product thinking it may have been a legitimate purchase and finding out that they just lost all of their cash. Remember someone could pay a thousand bucks or w.e to have a small kiosk or rent a store front for a week and make it look legit, charge the retail price and make a killing. Even if it cost them 20 grand to rent and decorate some kind of store they would still make over 300k.
  • jellico
    I'd imagine they'll be able to get at least $120,000 for those copies. Not a bad haul. As for the game itself... whatever. I'll stick with Battlefield 3; that game is pure money!
  • renz496
    lol. activition just lost 6k sales?
  • rantoc
    At least it wasn't BF3 copies that got stolen, couldn't care less for the CoD series anymore - Activision killed the series like most other things they get in touch with, the franchises gets corroded and the creativity of the devs gets thrown out of the window when its all about money.

    I purchased BF3 for less and it delivers more so its a simple choice for me where the money goes.
  • zoemayne
    I doubt they keep track of every key being shipped. They'll have to take that as a loss. Thieves if their stupid they'll sale them @ $20 if smart they can get rid of them quick for $30/$35. $32.50x6000 = $195,000. And that game will not even depreciate so they can easily sale it at 30-35. Or wholesale it.