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It's the Tron Lightcycle for Your Feet

If you're a huge Tron fan, then it's safe to assume that you already attended the midnight screening earlier, most likely while wearing a Tron guy costume. You're still probably riding high on all that frenetic 3-D faux-videogame action, and can't wait for another fix. You could try watching the movie again, which, let's face it, you probably will. Or, could do what Alon Karpman of Brooklyn Workshop did: ride along the streets of New York on his custom TRON SkateCycle.

Karpman, an avowed Tron nerd, admits that this foot-sized version of the lightcycle is the "result of a nerd-gasm over the upcoming Tron: Legacy movie." It's quite fitting, really, given the Skatecycle's oversized wheels and hub-less design.

Don't expect to go riding around in your own Tron transport anytime soon, though: This particular model is one-of-a-kind. You can get a Skatecycle from Karpman's store, but it won't have all the glowy Tron goodness.

[source: Brooklyn Workshop via Core77 and The Awesomer]