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BMW Unveils the Scooter of the Future

While scooters are agile, efficient transport through crowded city streets, it's not exactly what you'd call...visually appealing. Leave it to BMW's Motorrad division to make a scooter that's absolutely stunning. 

The Concept C does away with your typical scooter stylings. Instead of the L-shaped profile, it's got a sleek aesthetic that's got more in common with high-end motorbikes that Motorrad is known for. From the split-face windshield to the wheels with Tron-like blue highlights, BMW Motorrad tried to bring a level of style never before seen in a vehicle of this class.

It's not just all pretty, too. Motorrad promises that "engine power and torque will be in the top range of the segment." They don't even stop at performance; the Concept C has top-of-the-line electronic enhancements as well. The headlights are a series of high-powered LEDs, while the rearview mirrors have been replaced with LCD displays fed from backwards-facing cameras.

All in all, it's looking as if BMW might just redefine the word "scooter."

[source: BMW Motorrad via Gizmag]