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Belkin Unveils Smart Light Bulbs, Crock-Pot

Belkin announced today (Jan. 6) that it was adding three new categories to its WeMo line of Internet-connected products for the home.

The first category consists of individual LED light bulbs, or an entire LED lighting starter kit. The second is a slow cooker made in collaboration with Sunbeam's Crock-Pot brand. The third is a do-it-yourself kit for WeMo Internet connectivity to make any direct-current device a part of the smart home.

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With the WeMo lighting products, users will be able to use the WeMo Android or iOS app to control lights remotely.

Belkin says users will be able to turn lights off and on, dim them or even schedule them to turn on or off on their own. A vacation mode can turn the lights on and off while users are away.

The company says the LED bulbs are the equivalent of 60-watt light bulbs.

The WeMo Crock-Pot allows full Internet-based control over the cooking process. Users can turn the slow cooker on or off, change the temperature or adjust the timer. The WeMO app will monitor the cooking process of whatever is being cooked in the crock-pot, and will even send users reminders about the food being prepared.

The WeMo Maker Kit lets users add Internet connectivity to any devices that have a direct-current switch (which includes most electronic devices).

It works by wiring in a small module for low-wattage devices — anything that requires an AC adapter or power brick between itself and the wall outlet. With this system, users will be able to switch devices off or on, or schedule their activation, via the WeMo app.

The WeMo Maker Kit, LED lighting and Crock-Pot categories are scheduled to be released in spring 2014. These three products join other smart home products from Belkin already on the market, such as baby monitors, light switches, motion sensors and power outlets.

You can read more about these and other WeMo products at Belkin's website.

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