Asus ROG Gaming Chair Could Be Ultimate Fragging Throne

Asus's Republic of Gamers (ROG) series covers everything from laptops to desktops to mice, keyboards and headsets, and now it has its own gaming desk chair. The company is teaming up with Singapore-based SecretLabs to make a special ROG-themed chair.

Credit: Asus/SecretLabs

(Image credit: Asus/SecretLabs)

There is no word on pricing or availability for the United States just yet, but in Singapore, you can get a chair for free with a purchase of a G20 or GT51 desktop, though both of those are quite pricey. In the U.S. the G20 starts at $1,449, and the GT51CA costs $4,999.

The ROG chair is based on SecretLabs' Throne V2, which is currently selling for 479 Singaporean dollars, or roughly $350 in US dollars as of this writing.

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The ROG version of the chair adopts the brand's red-and-black color scheme with its emblem on both the back and front of the chair. It features padded arm rests, a full tilt mechanism and aluminum base.

The partnership is part of a celebration of ROG's tenth anniversary. Asus has been using the brand since 2006.

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