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Robo-Squirtgun Declares War on Raccoons

Yes, we know raccoons are the bane of every suburban dweller and his trashcan. But seriously, isn't siccing be-weaponed robots on the little masked bandits just a bit of an overkill? Apparently not, because one clever DIY-er decided it's time for machine to wage war on something other than man, and that something is raccoon.

At first glance, the so-called Squirt robot reminds us of another all-terrain mechanoid menace with a gun turret. The difference is, the inventor of this Arduino-and-Android-powered mobile weapons platform apparently decided that bullets were a bit of an overkill when it came to oversized rodents, so he opted for a flowery water gun instead.

Don't let the cutesy weapon fool you, though. Remember, cuteness is the machine's best weapon against us. Besides, it would take just a little bit of engineering and biochemistry to replace water with "face-melting liquid designed to process organics for energy consumption."

Now keep that in mind while you take into account that the Squirt has a sentry feature that lets it blast a stream of its liquid contents at any organic that doesn't comply within twenty seconds. Does it still sound cute to you?

[source: Cellbots via Engadget]