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What's New in watchOS 3.2 Beta: More Siri Powers

Apple Watch wearers soon won't need to fish out their iPhone when they want to book a ride on Lyft or make a mobile payment via Siri.

A new beta of watchOS is now available to developers, and it extends abilities Siri picked up in iOS 10 to Apple's smartwatch.

With iOS 10, Apple added greater integration with third-party apps to Siri. On your iPhone, you can now use Siri to book rides, interact with messaging apps, make payments, search photos, start workouts and place calls in third-party apps that have been updated to add Siri support.

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SiriKit, which allows app makers to add that support, has landed in the watchOS 3.2 beta that's available today (Jan. 30), so you'll soon find those same features included in apps running on the Apple Watch.

There's also a new Theater Mode, named because you'll likely find the features useful the next time you're catching the latest blockbuster at your local cineplex. With Theater Mode, you're able to quickly mute the sound on your Apple Watch and prevent the watch's screen from waking up whenever you raise your wrist.

You'll still be able to get notifications via haptic feedback in Theater Mode, which you can view by tapping the watch's screen or pressing its Digital Crown.

watchOS 3.2 will be in developers' hands for now. It's unclear when the watchOS update will be available to consumers. watchOS 3.1.3 debuted a week ago.