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AOL Getting New Logos Made From Random Stuff

AOL is a key part of internet both past and present. Those old enough to remember newsgroup postings from those with email addresses will have some good stories to tell. But that was the AOL of old, and there's a new Aol that's ready to bust out with a new image.

AOL has released a preview of its new brand identity for its future as an independent company. AOL describes its brand identity as "simple, confident logotype, revealed by ever-changing images.  It’s one consistent logo with countless ways to reveal."

Basically, it's just strong typeface superimposed on top of an image.

The new brand identity will be fully unveiled on December 10, when AOL common stock begins trading on the New York Stock Exchange.

AOL partnered with Wolff Olins, a global brand and innovation consultancy, to develop a brand identity that speaks to the company’s future. “Historically brand identity has been monolithic and controlling, little more than stamping a company name on a product.  AOL is a 21st century media company, with an ambitious vision for the future and new focus on creativity and expression, this required the new brand identity to be open and generous, to invite conversation and collaboration, and to feel credible, but also aspirational. We’re delighted to have worked so closely with the AOL leadership team to create something bold and exciting that sets AOL apart,” said Karl Heiselman, CEO of Wolff Olins.

  • igot1forya
    Just die already... hehe
  • omnimodis78
    How does AOL manage to stay in business? A new brand identity? Seriously's still AOL, and that their #1 liability.
  • Shadow703793
    Wait...AOL is still alive?


    At any rate, who still uses AOL?
  • Blessedman
    ok crappy AOL aside, what is up with these stupid images? I mean who did they hire to do this? Just awful, awful, awful!
  • Honis
    My parents still use AOL... I'm looking for an alternative for them. But living in the woods miles away from anyone hurts their chances of anything relating to high speed.
  • apache_lives
    Copy google much? and where does AOL's income actually come from?
  • Tyellock
    AOL was great back in the day, they kept supplying me with 3.5' floppy disks
  • chuenl
    They must be having an identity crisis.
  • sykozis
    AOL used to be good for an unlimited supply of cheap 3.5" floppies and custom "CD styled" drink coasters....but they're useless anymore. Not sure how TimeWarner allowed them to survive this long as a money hasn't turned a profit in nearly 10 years.
  • ssalim
    AOL is not a key part of the internet. Not now, not ever. If you used AOL and pay $25 a month for a dial up, then you are either rich or stupid.