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Inflatable Snow Shoes

Snowboarding is one of the fastest ways you can go downhill on snow-covered slopes. On the uphill climb, your choices become less sexy: ride a lift, or strap on a pair of tennis racket contraptions to your boots. If you're the road-less-traveled kind, then you're yearning for any option other than the latter. You're in luck: Bulgarian company Any Exit has heard your prayers, and have come up with inflatable snowshoes that won't crimp your style.

When not in use, each Smallfoot snowshoe compresses to fit into a tiny bag. You can then carry it around with you unobtrusively while you carve the slopes. When it's time for the long trudge back to civilization, just bring out the shoes, inflate them with the included pump, then strap them to your boots. True, they look like foot dinghies, but hey, that's a lot sexier than tennis rackets.

[source: Gearcaster via Gizmodo]