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Intruder in Your Home? Will Release the Drones

Now here's a new take on whole-home security. is developing a camera-equipped drone that will automatically fly through your house to investigate any time your home security system detects something out of the ordinary. The drone will then relay a high-resolution video back to the homeowner.

Why You Should Care

A year from now, you could have autonomous drones flying around your house. While the thought of some machine buzzing around on its own is a bit unsettling, its roving eye means that you don't have to install a security camera on every entrance to your home.

How It Works

This flying watchdog, powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon Flight platform, is merely one example of what can be done with's Insights Engine. The engine analyzes all the data coming from the various sensors in your home and determines patterns of behavior. Then, when something out of the ordinary occurs — such as a door or window opening in the middle of the night — the security system will be smart enough to send an alert or launch the drone.

The drones are fairly compact, about the size of a small dinner plate, and have a camera mounted to the bottom. The video feed from the camera — which can support up to 4K resolution — is sent via Wi-Fi to the recipient. The drones are smart enough to avoid objects in your home on their way to their target.

Pricing and Availability

A representative from declined to say when the home security drone will be available, or how much it would cost.


Security drones, and's Insights Engine, have some interesting use cases beyond an individual homeowner. The company is looking to deploy this technology for businesses as well, and the adaptive learning of the Insights Engine will make it a useful service, especially in environments where patterns of behavior are constantly shifting.

Mike Prospero

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