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Review: Hands On With Zune HD

Activate the Zune and a lock screen appears, which is unlocked by swatting up. A menu pops up for music, videos, pictures, radio, marketplace, social, Internet, apps, and setting options. Hitting the volume-control button shows the volume level, play/pause status, media playing or waiting to be played, WiFi status, and battery life.

All of the menus in the Zune HD are tiered, meaning once you enter one, you can go back by tapping the enlarged heading on the top of the screen or hitting the home button to return home. We’ll skip music for now and look at the other options.

Videos are sorted by TV, movies, music videos, and other and are listed in alphabetical order. Tapping on the video name brings up a description. Tapping the image beside it will play the video immediately. Pictures are sorted by folder or date. The Marketplace gives quick access to the latest music and apps for you to purchase over a WiFi-Internet connection and a search feature is available if you already know what you’re looking for. A shopping cart is also available, in case you have a list of downloadables. Apps currently have no organization method, but with only nine of them available, it’s not a problem yet. For our look at the apps, see the next page.

Behind all the menu options on the left is a graphical interface that shows what is playing/paused and recently pinned. The interface also displays highlighted music and videos, a brief history of the latest media you’ve enjoyed, and the newest items added to your Zune. When the Zune is shaken, the background shakes in real time with the device. It has no real purpose, but it looks attractive.