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Kid Gets Box of Rocks for Christmas Instead of 3DS

Shortly after Christmas, word got out about a kid that had received a refurbished 3DS with porn on it. Prior to that, a man reported that he had purchased a stolen iPhone (also a refurb) from Amazon. According to latest reports, one boy opened his brand new 3DS on Christmas morning only to discover that it wasn't a 3DS at all. Instead, Walmart had sold his mother a box of rocks.

Fox reports that a mother in Taladega purchased a 3DS for her son for Christmas. According to the news outlet, the store gave her a new 3DS when she explained what had happened. Walmart told Fox that it's a case of people buying merchandise and returning the box to the store without the actual device inside. If the Walmart employee performing the return fails to check everything is present and accounted for, these empty boxes end up back on the shelf.

In the case of GameStop shipping a refurbished 3DS with pornographic images, the retailer also replaced the 3DS free of charge. GameStop also threw in a couple of games. Still, it would be nice if these things didn't happen in the first place. Especially at this time of year, when a lot of electronics purchases end up wrapped and under the tree.

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