CDMA iPhone 4 for Verizon to Launch Next Month

It’s something that iPhone owners have been lusting after for quite some time. Every dropped call, every unsent text, it all underscored their desire for to leave AT&T for greener pastures. Well, today, Verizon’s Lowell McAdam made their dreams come true. Speaking at an event in New York this morning, McAdam confirmed that the company would be offering the iPhone 4 next month.

"Today we're partnering with a giant of the industry, and that's Apple," McAdam told reports at the Lincoln Center "Late in 2010 we started offering the iPad. Today, we are extremely gratified to announce that the iPhone 4 will be available early next month."

"We're incredibly pleased to give Verizon's customers the choice we've been waiting for,” said Apple’s Tim Cook. “We've designed an iPhone 4 which connects to the CDMA network -- and it has all the features that you'd expect."

The iPhone 4 will hit presale for qualifying Verizon Wireless customers (no word on how one qualifies but we'll let you know as soon as we do) on February 3 and will hit general availability on February 10.

"We are pleased to introduce millions of wireless users to the industry leading iPhone 4 on the nation's most reliable network," said Lowell McAdam said in an official statement to the press. "This is an important step for the industry as two great companies join forces to give wireless customers one of the most important technological additions to the mobile landscape this century."

"Verizon Wireless customers have told us they can't wait to get their hands on iPhone 4, and we think they are going to love it," said Tim Cook, Apple's chief operating officer. "We have enormous respect for the company Verizon has built and the loyalty they have earned from their customers."

In case you were wondering about pricing, the iPhone 4 will cost $199.99 (16GB) or $299.99 (32GB) on a new two year customer agreement. According to a Q&A at the Lincoln Center event, the CDMA iPhone 4 will not be exclusive to Verizon, but it is a multi-year deal. Looks like Sprint customers might eventually get the device, as well.

Jane McEntegart works in marketing communications at Intel and was previously Manager of Content Marketing at ASUS North America. Before that, she worked for more than seven years at Tom's Guide and Tom's Hardware, holding such roles as Contributing Editor and Senior News Editor and writing about everything from smartphones to tablets and games consoles.