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Verizon Now Offering Double the 4G Data at No Added Cost

Data plans seem to be getting more expensive as smartphones become more advanced. With data-guzzling apps for functions like streaming video and music becoming more prevalent, it's getting easier to meet our data caps with each passing week. However, if you're a Verizon customer and are currently enjoying the carrier's 4G network, you're in for a treat. Big Red this week confirmed that it's going to be offering 4G customers double their data at no extra cost.

The promotion is apparently part of the upcoming Droid Razr launch, which is scheduled for 11:11 a.m. this coming Friday (which happens to be be 11/11/11). Starting today, those subscribing to the 2GB for $30 plan will receive 4GB instead. Folks with the $50 will get 10GB instead of 5GB, and customers paying $80 will get 20GB instead of 10GB. The promotion applies to new and existing customers with 4G LTE smartphones and can be added via customer care or through the My Verizon/My Business website.

Verizon hasn't been clear on how long the promotion will last for. A leaked document obtained by VZbuzz states that customers will receive double the data "as long as they remain on those features." This seems to suggest that while the sign-up period is a limited time offer, customers who do sign up will receive the doubled data as long as they don't switch away from their plan or 4G handset. The document also clearly states that customers that switch from a 4G phone to a 3G smartphone and switch back after the promotional period will not be able to get the promotional pricing again. What the info sheet doesn't reveal is how long this promotion is open for, so hop to it if you're eager to take advantage!